Ratio Ground Coffee

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Ratio ground coffee is designed to brew delicious coffee, every time. Our friends at Coffee Manufactory have expertly roasted, ground, and dosed two lovely coffees to work with your Ratio Six or Ratio Eight machine.

Select from single origin Ethiopia Geta Bora, with notes of peach and honey, or the House Blend, a darker (but not too dark!) blend with notes of roasted hazelnut.

Each packet brews a half batch on the Ratio Eight or Six (20 ounces, or about 4 delicious cups of coffee).

Includes 8 completely biodegradable packets, which will make about 32 cups of coffee. Free shipping included.

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Ratio Ground Coffee

Notes of Peach, Honey, Tangerine, and Creme Soda

Roasted Hazelnut, Red Currant, Medjool Date, Full-bodied.