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November 19, 2015

We’re down the last 350 backorders or so (have shipped over 900 already) and we are ecstatic to be almost done! We are getting really positive reviews each week (I’ve copied two below) and I’m looking forward to getting a similar report when you get your Ratio. 

I have sent an email out to all preorder customers explaining a temporary pause in our Champagne Nickel production, along with an option to switch to one of our other colors (Bright Silver and Dark Cobalt). We’ve already started shipping Bright Silver and these machines are looking great.

We have since resolved the issue that held up Champagne and are working to clear these orders in the next 3 weeks.

If required, for US addresses we are going to expedite shipment to you to arrive before Christmas. We will absorb whatever extra cost it takes to get the Ratio Eight on your countertop. Unfortunately we won’t be able to make this guarantee for international shipments. 

Please check your spam filter as we’re now sending out updates from help@ratiocoffee.com, and my trusty support team is helping me to answer emails. 

As always, I’m at mark@ratiocoffee.com with any questions or input!




Ratio Eight Reviews


Very happy customer! 

WOW!!!!! I am absolutely blown away with the coffee I brewed this morning in my Ratio! Unreal, I can taste every note they have described (my local Dogwood Coffee). I think this machine makes it better than they do in house! I am totally satisfied and love my machine! It was well worth the wait because I knew you were making sure it was perfect! Perfection! Love it! Thank you! 

K. Nordahl 


No more plastic...

I am now the very happy owner of a Ratio 8. I have used a Technivorm MoccaMaster for approximately 8 years and have never been disappointed with the coffee it produced, but the shower beam that soaked the beans was linear and that meant moving the filter basket around for an even soak of the beans, as well as manually stopping the brew cycle to allow for the "bloom". I also wasn't thrilled that my coffee was going through a plastic filter basket leaching allegedly safe byproducts into my coffee. (yuk!) These were small details that weren't terrible to accept for the sake of a reliable, proper water temperature awesome coffee producing machine. I began wondering if there was an alternative to a plastic filter basket and a better "showerhead". Voila, the Ratio 8 is the answer to the " better mousetrap" question. No more plastic, automatic brew timing for bloom and brew, and an even soaking of beans by a ROUND showerhead, plus aesthetically gorgeous bulletproof construction..Thanks for building a beautiful, made in the USA, modern machine. Let's hope it outlasts my MoccaMaster that is still in perfect condition, but now on a shelf in my pantry.



Consistently amazing coffee and a pleasure to use

Thanks to our Ratio, my wife and I now strongly prefer the pour-over method to all other types of coffee. What's remarkable about this machine is how consistently excellent the coffee comes out - smooth, rich, clear and just the right temperature. I'm no barista but I've learned that a key reason why the Ratio's coffee always tastes so good is the consistent temperature and the way the machine is able to somehow duplicate pouring the water in circles in an automated way.

We're very happy with our Ratio and enjoy the simplicity of it. It's the equivalent of a self-driving car from Google or Tesla. Well done!

Erick W.


Very much worth the wait! First off, the machine is absolutely beautiful and the attention to detail is the best of any purchase I've made. It is incredibly solid and to my eye, there is not one piece of this machine that was overlooked. The coffee is the best I have ever had, period. I have never been able to taste so much detail like I have when using the Ratio. Thank you for making such an amazing product.


There is a big difference...

in the coffee made with the Ratio 8. It even smells better when it's brewing. We are using our same stainless steel filter, and pouring boiling water through it gave us lots of sludge. No sludge at all now. I think it's due to the gentle sprinkling of the bloom phase, which allows the grains of ground coffee to swell enough not to get through the filter's holes. And the fact that the sprinkling is so gentle in the brew phase. It really is worth the money and the wait for it to be perfected.

Pam C.


A glimpse of Ratio HQ in Portland, Oregon

On this page, we will provide you with updates on our ongoing progress towards shipping your Ratio. In the last 6 months, we’ve improved the Ratio Eight based on our conviction of creating a quality product, and to uphold the promise of shipping a machine that will last. We've encountered many long nights and countless production hurdles to jump over, but we’re close. Very close. For that reason, we want to give you insights to the improvements we’ve made in the last 6 months, and the hurdles we still need to overcome.



We value your commitment to our product and process. We will continue to work towards getting you the best coffee machine that we can. If you aren’t happy with your order, we will gladly give you a refund. Please contact us at mark@ratiocoffee.com.

Thanks you for your continued patience, and for being such a big part of this journey with us. We’re almost there!