Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve

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Inconsistent grind sizes can make for an unpredictable brew. Use the Shimmy Coffee Sieve with any pour-over dripper or French press to remove the microfines and make a cleaner, better cup of coffee. Simply grind your coffee normally, pour it into the Shimmy Coffee Sieve, and sift out all coffee under 200 microns. Turn any grinder into a consistent, reliable machine and enjoy even extractions.

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Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve
Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve
Fellow Shimmy Coffee Sieve

Reliable Results.

A 200-micron filter ensures you can produce a level of consistency formerly seen only in commercial-grade grinders.

Easy to Use.

If you’ve used a cocktail shaker, you’re already familiar with the Shimmy. Simply pour in your ground coffee and shake it up.

Simple Design.

The transparent body allows you to see exactly how much dry coffee you’ve prepared. Easily disassemble the sieve for quick cleaning.

Features & Specs

Grinds Capacity: 80 grams

Filter Size: 200 μm metal filter

Dimensions: 75 mm (L) x 60 mm (W) x 197.7 mm (H)

Materials: Plastic body, lid, and bottom cap, silicone gaskets, and 304 stainless steel filter

Cleaning: Body and filter are top-rack dishwasher safe, lid and bottom cap are hand wash only