Ratio Ground Coffee

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Ratio ground coffee is designed to brew delicious coffee, every time. Our friends at Coffee Manufactory have expertly roasted, ground, and dosed 3 lovely coffees to work with your Ratio Six or Ratio Eight machine.

Select from single origin Ethiopia Geta Bora, with notes of peach and honey, the House Blend, a darker (but not too dark!) blend with notes of roasted hazelnut, or Decaf, with sweet lemon and praline notes. 

Each packet brews a half batch on the Ratio Eight or Six (20 ounces, or about 4 delicious cups of coffee).

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Ratio Ground Coffee

Notes of Peach, Honey, Tangerine, and Creme Soda

Roasted Hazelnut, Red Currant, Medjool Date, Full-bodied.