Beautiful coffee;
inside and out

Not just a pretty face

At Ratio, we are scientists and designers. We believe that there is a more delicious, more beautiful cup of coffee waiting for you. We are on a mission to make your mornings, lunch meetings and late, rainy afternoons perfect. Balanced, sweet coffee in stunning pieces of kitchen art. Jealous dinner guests. We believe that these products should last a long time and be backed by incredible customer service. Ready to upgrade?

Ratio Eight Coffee Machine
  • Focus on Materials

    Ratio is hand-built with the highest quality materials. We opted out of plastic - Ratio brews coffee using borosilicate glass and a stainless-steel brew head to transfer hot water.

  • Durability

    From the solid wood accents to the die-cast aluminum body, Ratio is a coffee brewer that is built to last. Each brewer is hand-built and quality controlled by our skilled technicians, and backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • Beautiful design

    From the hand-blown glass carafe to the carefully selected hardwood accents, Ratio was designed to be as beautiful as the coffee it produces.

  • Dead Simple

    Every Ratio water tank is marked for twenty ounce half-batches and forty ounce full-batches to eliminate the guess work or weighing.

  • Filter

    Use either a Chemex filter for classic, clean-tasting pour-over style coffee, or the exclusive Ratio Kone by Able for a more heavy-bodied and rich drip coffee.

  • Heating Element

    Our powerful 1600 watt heating element brings water to ideal brewing temperature in 25-30 seconds.

  • Safety

    A small magnet in the base of the carafe communicates with a sensor in the brewer. If the carafe isn’t in place, Ratio will stop the brew cycle–saving hands and countertops from 200°F water.

  • Bloom Phase

    Unlike similar home brewers, Ratio is programmed to initially soak the ground coffee with a small amount of water. The bloom phase gives the water time to fully saturate the coffee, which results in optimal flavor extraction.

  • One touch, optimized batch brewing

    Brew 3 to 8 cups of pour-over quality coffee with a single touch. The Ratio 8’s sophisticated sensors will detect the amount of water in the tank and adjust the bloom and brew phases accordingly.

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Dynamic Design

It’s often said that form should follow function, as if tagging along with its older, wiser sibling. We prefer to think of form and function as colleagues, each challenging the other to be better. We applied this philosophy to the Ratio Eight, seamlessly blending beautiful design with powerful performance. The result is a compelling product design that will beautifully fit into your space.

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    Ratio in a Contemporary Kitchen
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    Ratio in a Traditional Kitchen
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    Ratio in a Modern Kitchen

Uncompromising Quality

From the stainless steel shower head, which utilizes a Fibonacci Spiral pattern to ensure even water distribution over the grounds, to the precision machined die-cast aluminum body and borosilicate glass tank — Ratio Eight is uncompromising in quality.

  • Eight in White
  • Eight Edition in Champagne Nickel
  • Eight Edition in Bright Silver
  • Eight Edition in Dark Cobalt

What Sets the Edition Apart?

Building on the success of the Ratio Eight, we aimed to bring an even higher level of quality and distinction to the brewer. Assembled by hand in Portland, Oregon, the Edition highlights the work of the artisans and designers who helped create it.

Satin Metallic Coating

The body of the Edition is finished with a custom liquid paint with metallic flake. The luxurious sheen emphasizes the delicate curves and forms of Ratio. Available in Dark Cobalt, Champagne Nickel, or Bright Silver.

Figured, Domestically Sourced Hardwood

The wood accents in the Edition are locally sourced, figured hardwoods. Each piece is hand crafted by an artisan, local woodworker. Available in rich walnut and beautifully textured maple.

Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass Water Tank

Where the Eight has a high quality polymer water tank, the Edition comes with a hand-blown borosilicate glass tank. Each one is unique and crystal clear.