Reinventing coffee from the grounds up.

The boldly built Ratio Eight was designed for an ideal balance between beauty and performance.

Every cup is a masterpiece in the making.

Every brewing cycle maximizes the confluence between the simplicity of your ritual and the precision of pour-over.

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The precision is yours.

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    The assembly is formed from precision die-cast aluminum with a satin nickel ceramic finish. Produced with the tightest tolerances down to a tenth of a millimeter, the Ratio is built like fine furniture. A rare earth magnet in the base even detects the carafe for one less moving part.

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    The water tank, supply lines, and carafe are hand-turned from lab-grade borosilicate glass for maximum durability and the clearest window to your coffee.

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    The carafe seals shut with an ergonomic all-natural cork stopper. The underside of the machine and the carafe are lined with the same cork, lending a soft yet durable surface for your countertop.

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    The Oregon-sourced black walnut support arms are a rare accent on any coffee machine. They serve as a natural transition to the precision machined aluminum. The grain and pattern in each support arm is completely unique and will develop a soft patina over time.

Form never follows.

We designed the Eight with the ideal balance of form to function. The clear blown-glass and warm black walnut flush-up against machine-sculpted aluminum for a staunch juxtaposition. Every angle and alignment is measured down to the tenth of a millimeter, all for a singular, refined efficiency.

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One button starts your coffee routine. To emulate a manual pour-over, Ratio distributes hot water over the grounds, allowing them to breathe into full bloom.



Sensors automatically determine the optimal brewing time based on the water level. Ratio keeps the water near 200°F—the ideal coffee temperature.



While brewing, the Ratio showerhead uniformly pours over the grounds. When finished, the soft white LED lights will indicate that it’s time to enjoy your coffee.

A note from the founder.

Ratio is the result of pondering coffee makers for several years. After listening to many customers complain about flimsy plastic parts, complicated programming steps, and overall inelegance, I decided to draw together a team of talented designers, engineers, and creatives to build a new company that is devoted entirely to coffee machines of unmatched beauty and quality.

Mark Hellweg, Ratio Founder.

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