Serious Eats: "A Game-Changing Automatic Drip Coffee Maker"

Excerpt below from "A Former Coffee Pro’s Home Cafe" by Jesse Raub for Serious Eats.

When I was a full-time coffee trainer, the number one comment I used to get was, “Wow, I bet your setup at home is pretty nice!” In reality, my at-home coffee bar was pretty meh: a second-hand electric kettle, an array of pourover devices, a French press, and a decent grinder were all tucked away in a dusty, sad corner of my kitchen. Back then, my daily office was in a training lab, surrounded by state-of-the-art commercial espresso machines that cost more than my car. When I left that job for a home office, well…it quickly became apparent that a few dinged-up coffee drippers weren't going to cut it anymore. 

Since then, you could say I’ve really invested in my coffee setup (it’s after all my job and my passion). Now that I’ve got everything I need/have space for, I wanted to take you on a tour of my home coffee bar with a breakdown of my favorite equipment (including many Serious Eats winners).

A Game-Changing Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

After my meditative, pourover mornings, I brew a batch of coffee on the Ratio Six Coffee Maker. It brewed the best coffee out of any brewer we tested, hands down, and I love having a high-end drip coffee maker in the house. 

The Ratio Six uses a high-powered heating element for superior brewing temperatures, and its sprayhead saturates coffee better than any other home brewer I’ve seen. I like having a pot of coffee ready for when the rest of the house wakes up, and I usually sneak half a cup as I head out the door to walk the dog.