Meet Eight

A new paragon in coffee. Built to strike the ideal balance between beauty and performance.

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Bright Future

As pure as the coffee it brews. Ratio Eight is also available in Bright Silver with burled maple accents.

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Rich Features

All the performance of Ratio Eight, now in a striking Midnight Cobalt with walnut accents.

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Clean Finish

Like your mind after a morning cup, Ratio Eight is clear and ready for action in brilliant White with blonde wood accents.

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New Routine
Coffee should be enjoyed. It is one of the daily pleasures of our lives. For most, it is a daily regimen. For some, an occasional indulgence. Whoever you are, however you enjoy your coffee, we want you to have the best experience possible. With Ratio Eight, welcome to your new daily routine.
Dynamic Design
It’s often said that form should follow function, as if tagging along with its older, wiser sibling. We prefer to think of form and function as colleagues, each challenging the other to be better. We applied this philosophy to the Ratio Eight, seamlessly blending beautiful design with powerful performance.
Uncompromising Quality
From the stainless steel shower head, which utilizes a Fibonacci Spiral pattern to ensure even water distribution over the grounds, to the precision machined die-cast aluminum body and borosilicate glass tank — Ratio Eight is uncompromising in quality.