A New Approach to Coffee.

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Not just a pretty face.

At Ratio, we are scientists and designers. We believe that there is a more delicious, more beautiful cup of coffee waiting for you. We are on a mission to make your mornings, lunch meetings and late, rainy afternoon perfect. Balanced, sweet coffee in stunning pieces of kitchen art. Jealous dinner guest. We believe that these products should last a long time and be backed by incredible services, Ready to upgrade?

Focus on Materials

Ratio is hand-built with the highest quality materials. Ratio brews coffee using borosilicate glass and a stainless-steel brew head to transfer hot water.


From the solid wood accents to the die-cast aluminum body, the Ratio Eight is a coffee machine that is built to last. Each brewer is hand-built and quality controlled by our skilled technicians, and backed by a 5-year warranty.

Beautiful Design

From the hand-blown glass carafe to the carefully selected hardwood accents, Ratio was designed to be as beautiful as the coffee it produces.

Dynamic Design

It’s often said that form should follow function, as if tagging along with an older, wiser sibling. We prefer to think of form and function as colleagues, each challenging the other to be better. We applied this philosophy to the Ratio Eight, seamlessly blending beautiful design with powerful performance. The result is a compelling product design that will beautifully fit into your space.

Available in five stunning finishes:

Ratio Eight Coffee Machine
  • Eight in White
  • Eight in Bright Silver
  • Eight in Dark Cobalt

Uncompromising Quality

From the stainless shower head, which utilizes a Fibonacci spiral pattern to ensure even water distribution over the grounds, to the precision machined die-cast aluminum body and borosilicate glass lines – Ratio Eight is uncompromising in quality.

Beautiful coffee;
inside and out