Warranty & Returns

Absolutely. You have 30 days from receipt of your Ratio machine to try it out. If you decide it's not for you, we will issue you a full refund. To start the return process, visit ratiocoffee.com/return-warranty

We have exceptionally generous (and long) warranty periods. Read more at ratiocoffee.com/warranty

Yes, to cancel your order, please email our Customer Experience team at [email protected] with your order number and cancellation request. We aim to ship most in-stock items the same day if ordered before 2 pm PST. If you need to make changes, we're here to assist you promptly.

Use & Care

No. Adding heat to brewed coffee ruins the flavor within minutes. The Ratio glass carafe is thick, tempered borosilicate glass, and with the lid in place it keeps the coffee hot for about 15 minutes.

We do not recommend putting the Ratio glass carafe in the dishwasher. The silicone base can peel away from the hot water and detergent. The Ratio carafe is made of tempered borosilicate glass, similar to laboratory glass. After each brew, we recommend rinsing the carafe in warm tap water, using a drop of dish soap if you’d like. You may use the Ratio Machine Wash as frequently as you’d like to remove mineral buildup and coffee stains.

The Ratio Eight uses a magnet in the carafe to detect if it is safe to deliver hot water. Other coffee makers use a mechanical button that the carafe pushes against to turn the machine on. The trouble with these mechanical buttons is they tend to wear out over time, and often get stuck in the “on” position. Using a magnet eliminates this moving part. Unfortunately, the Chemex carafe does not have this magnet, so at this time it cannot be used with the Ratio Eight.

You have your choice of filter to the Ratio carafe. This can either be a conical paper filter (such as the Chemex paper filter) or a permanent stainless filter like the Able Kone for Ratio. The Ratio Six uses a flat bottom filter.


Please contact us for information about our growing network of Ratio partners in Europe and Asia.

We do ship to Hawaii and Alaska. You can read more about our free shipping offer here.


We design and build the Ratio Eight here in Portland, Oregon out of custom parts made for us in Taiwan and China. The Ratio Six is made for us in Guangdong, China. We regularly visit each of our factories in person to ensure an exceptional level of quality in every aspect of the operation.

We use as little plastic as possible in all of our machines. When we do choose plastic for its performance, we always use BPA-free polymers from known reputable manufacturers like Trident or 3M. FDA-grade silicone and a single BPA-free plastic component are used internally in both the Eight and the Six. The plastic we have incorporated into the Ratio Eight and Six is medical grade quality. Made of polysulfone, this food-grade quality plastic is FDA certified and a NSF compliant material. The Ratio Six has plastic in the filter basket (where the coffee goes) and the thermal carafe lid. If you'd like to minimize your plastic exposure, we recommend using our glass carafe or the Ratio Eight ceramic dripper. Since we get this question a lot, yes the Eight ceramic dripper fits on top of the Six thermal carafe, but it doesn't rest perfectly flat as they were not designed to work together.