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It makes really good coffee. And frankly, if you start brewing at home rather than purchasing a daily drip at your local cafe, it’ll pay for itself in no time. This thing has precision temperature settings, fast brew times, a built-in bloom cycle, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The beauty of this machine...comes both from the handcrafted materials it is made with as well as the flavor profiles it exposes in your beans. The flavors listed on coffee bags that used to escape me (cherry, vanilla, tobacco) are suddenly vivid.

The Ratio Eight coffee machine combines the same principles used to brew by hand in a pour-over device, and adds precise technology so you get the perfect brew every time.

Making sure our morning coffee ritual is enjoyed to the maximum, Ratio 8’s coffee maker simulates the pour-over brewing methods of your local barista, precisely tracking the water levels and temperature for the best-tasting cup. You’ll never buy coffee out again.

Typically, a perfect cup of coffee required fussing with pour-over devices that look more like lab equipment than high-end kitchen gear. No wonder coffee circles are buzzing with anticipation over the Eight.

Although there are plenty of Scandi-style models on the market which more than fit the criteria for the most stylish coffee maker, the Ratio Eight breaks the mould with its pure, elegant design. Not out of place in the offices of a Silicon Valley tech start-up, it will supply refreshing modernity to your kitchen too.

This cool coffee maker actually brews pour-over coffee and simulates a barista’s movements, so you get the right bloom and brew phases.

The brilliance comes in not having to worry about water temperature and of the most attractive kitchen gadgets ever

It’s not often you’ll find an individual so closely aligned with a piece of coffee equipment, but the Ratio Eight is every bit Mark Hellweg’s baby.

The Eight delivers top-tier coffee with the push of a single button.

The coffee machine that nerds out (so you don’t have to)

The Pour-Over Perfected

All in all, the Ratio Eight is like a Mr. Coffee—sturdy, steadfast, your go to. The only difference (and it’s a big one) is that the Ratio Eight makes an exceptional cup of coffee...the Ratio, for all of its high-tech innovation, remains a beautifully elegant machine. Not only does it make an amazing cup of coffee every single time, it’s also a joy to look at.

Our personal favorite drip coffee maker: Ratio Six. It is a looker of a machine. But it’s also technically fully saturates the grounds with water at the right temperature and allows them to bloom at the beginning of the brewing process. It also comes with a thermal carafe that we found kept coffee warm for hours and didn’t spill a drop during a car ride to the park. 

The Ratio Six matte stainless coffee maker is one of the coolest-looking I’ve seen...

From Our Customers

Better Coffee, by Phil

The quality of my coffee has improved; producing a smooth taste and nice aroma. The Ratio Eight also looks great and catches the attention of my guest.

Elegant & easy to brew, by Brad

5/5 stars. This machine is elegant and makes it easy to brew great coffee. Love the bloom feature and minimal plastic usage in its construction.

After a Few Months, by Dr Kaplan

I continue to love the machine, gave away my old, loyal Mochamaster… I love the Ratio. It provides the best brew ever!

Worth the Wait!, by Rap3

While the coffee is important the esthetics are outstanding and as some have said it is a “work of Art” to be displayed.

Consistently Amazing, by Erick

What’s remarkable about this machine is how consistently excellent the coffee comes out – smooth, rich, clear and just the right temperature.

Blown Away, by Matt

It is incredibly solid and to my eye, there is not one piece of this machine that was overlooked. The coffee is the best I have ever had, period.