Ratio Journal

We don’t just make incredible coffee machines. We engage with the world, with collaborators in design, food and travel. Then we write about it. Here’s some stuff to read while you’re getting to know your new Ratio.

Reforming Coffee with Angel Medina

Angel Medina’s path to starting his businesses Reforma Roasters, La Perlita, and República is winding and poetic. The thread is still unraveling, pulsating with more life to come, and we encourage you to follow along.

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Capturing the Moment with Seiji Nanbu
Seiji Nanbu’s passion for food and photography is palpable through the vibrant content he features on his social media platforms, and through freelance collaborations with restaurants, coffee shops, and culinary...
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Popping up with Blank Face
Jeremy Gonzalez started his coffee brewing pop-up, Blank Face, during the height of the 2020 pandemic, a time where most might advise against starting a new business...
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'As You Wish' at Guilder
Caryn and Mike Nelson are serving more than just their Junior’s Roasted Coffee, and seasonal dishes, at NE Portland’s Guilder. Together with their staff, the couple has created a space...
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Fit For Her with Goal Five
Goal Five is a performance apparel company whose mission is to put female athletes first. Aside from creating performance apparel that actually fits women’s bodies, G5 is fully invested in...
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