Announcing the New Kone

We are pleased to announce the latest Kone permanent filter for Chemex and the Ratio Eight!

Since 2015 we have collaborated with Able on a custom Kone stainless steel filter for the Ratio Eight, designed specifically to optimize extraction of a full batch of coffee (40 ounces). Able has continued to refine the design of the Kone, and in 2020 released a new version. The new Kone brews better, is easier to clean and more durable than ever.

Never make a desperate Saturday morning run to the grocery store for paper filters again!


Some features we love:

  • Made from a single piece of precison-etched stainless steel, the Kone is easy to use, easy to clean, and built to last. 
  • The dark grey polymer ring adds structural rigidity. 

Discover the Able Kone