At home with Dan Seidman


A connoisseur of coffee, photography, and cheeseburgers, Mr. Dan Seidman shares some thoughts on food, simplicity, and enjoying the moment. A word of warning: don’t scroll down if you’re hungry.



When did your love of food move from interest to passion?

I’ve always been interested in food, and started exploring cooking while at university. During my final year, and all throughout law school, I built and maintained a small business that was largely operated through my Instagram account. What started as a simple desire to share my culinary creations turned into an opportunity to work with and create content for some amazing brands.    



Is that when your “career” as a food Instagrammer kick off?

My "career" as a food Instagrammer really started with a shot of a burger I posted. It was a breakfast burger with bacon and a runny yolk. I was just beginning to get interested in cooking, and the idea of food photography appealed to me. The picture made its rounds on Instagram and gave me the inspiration to continue posting food content on social media. My initial strategy was to continue with over the top and indulgent foods, with a focus on burgers, runny yolks and oozing cheese. Since then I have mellowed out in the types of food I post trying to include simpler dishes that may not be as over the top visually.  



There’s definitely a confluence of “indulgence” and “simplicity” in the food we see on your feed.

My approach to food is that simpler is usually better, and given that food is just one small aspect of my life, I try to extend the philosophy of simplicity to all other parts of my life as well.



What does that look like in application?

Generally, I apply this by trying to be easygoing and relaxed when I can; for me that means enjoying the small things and appreciating them for what they are. A specific example would be my choice of furniture and design preferences—I gravitate towards simple, high-quality and uncluttered designs. I like things to look good, but also serve a useful function, which is particularly important when living in a small condo. Ratio, for example, hits the nail on the head when it comes to blending quality, simplicity, and style. Because I have a relatively busy schedule, being able to wake up early and enjoy a coffee before work is a simple task that can set the tone for the day.



It’s all about actually enjoying it, yes?

As much as I love the process of cooking, I find the experience of eating the end-result with friends and family to be the most rewarding part of the meal. I’m learning to appreciate the importance of putting my camera down, and focusing on being present in the moment.



What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Don't sweat the small stuff. I used to get worked up about little details and frustrated when things didn't go to plan. Looking back, none of that stuff really matters. It's easier said than done, and sounds like a cliché, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.