Clean Lines, Classic Elegance, and Comfort with Light and Dwell

Light and Dwell is an Oregon-based interior design studio that combines clean lines, classic elegance and comfort. Just looking at photos of the teams’ nationwide work, it’s easy to imagine oneself curled up on a sofa in one of the rooms with a good book and a steaming mug of coffee. We talked with the team, led by Aymee Kuhlman (CEO) and Molly Kidd (Principal Designer), about how the women-led company came to be, how the team has adapted to pandemic time changes, and how Ratio made its way into their stunning new office. 

Can you tell us more about Light and Dwell Interiors, and what you and the team do?

Light and Dwell Interiors is a full service design studio specializing in residential design. We work on a diverse set of projects such as large-scale remodels and new builds, to one room transformations and everything in-between. Light and Dwell serves clients coast to coast and we have projects all over the country.  

When did Light and Dwell get its start, and what was the inspiration that sparked the business? 

Light and Dwell was created in 2015, when Aymee and Molly decided to take their passion of design and turn it into a business. Their shared love of hospitality and beautiful things have translated into their designs. Over the past years, Light and Dwell has evolved into a Full Service Interior Design Studio that serves clients nationwide. 

Who makes up the Light and Dwell team, and where are you all located?  

Throughout the past few years, Light and Dwell has grown from just Aymee and Molly to a team of nine. Each is an expert in their respective fields. It takes a team of deeply talented, and experienced people to provide the level of service we do, and we feel so lucky to have the team we do. We are a remote workforce, and are spread out all over the country (and even in Canada!)

What are some words you would use to describe Light and Dwell’s aesthetic? How do you make sure your aesthetic carries through, even when you are working with a variety of clients in a wide range of locations? 

Our aesthetic celebrates the beauty and function of each space. Drawing upon old world influences, we create spaces that feel both elevated but familiar to clients. We respect classic beauty and the patina of well-worn pieces — blending old and new to tell each of our clients' story.

We love your new office space, and that Ratio got to be part of it! Can you share more details about the space, and how you came up with the design?  

Thanks! We are so excited to finally have a space for our team to gather! Right before Covid hit, Aymee and I were looking at buying an office space in town. Luckily, we never did that, because we didn’t need one!  Before Covid, Ayms and I thought our team would grow locally, but our team has now grown to be full of women all across the country. Our team of amazing women, all work remotely for the most part, but we still really need a home base office for all of our materials, samples, and conference meetings.  Ayms and I still work together about once a week, and with her recent move, we really needed a good office space for the two of us to come together and work when needed. The office design heavily reflects the Light and Dwell aesthetic, and we pulled some vintage pieces in to help tell that story.

How does the Ratio brewer fit in with the design and aesthetic at Light and Dwell HQ?  

Aside from what I said above, our team aesthetic is also just… coffee! It’s the lifeline of our business and we wouldn’t be here without it haha. That being said, we knew our office was going to need a coffee station, and when we found Ratio, we loved that you guys so expertly paired design with function — that’s so hard to come by in the industry! We also loved that you guys are local. We love repping the PNW whenever we can!

Does the Light and Dwell team like to meet and share coffee, both virtually and in person? Do you have any specific team rituals, or personal coffee rituals?

YES! Basically everything our team does together revolves around coffee. From the interview stage to our whole team meetings, coffee is present. I am so excited to have more of our team together in the office, and they’re all really excited to try out the Ratio! 

There is no doubt that the past year+ forced all of us to change the way we work. Can you tell us more about how Light and Dwell  has adapted to working with clients during a pandemic when in-person meetings are not always an option?

Absolutely! We refocused our hiring strategy and decided to have a more remote team, and it’s been a huge blessing! Our industry as a whole has really taken a hit with shipment delays and inventory nightmares. It’s been a lot. But, we can start to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. 

What have been some of the team’s favorite projects to work on, and are there any in particular you are looking forward to in 2021 or early 2022?   

We have some really incredible projects coming out between now and the end of 2021 that we are so proud of. They are so reflective of our aesthetic and all the hard work our team puts in, so stay tuned for those! Carrying that same tone into 2022 — we have some big plans ahead! 

Instagram: @lightanddwell