Epicurious Review: Favorite Drip Coffee Maker

Thank you to Noah Kaufman at Epicurious for featuring the Ratio Six as their personal favorite drip coffee maker in An Exhaustive Guide to the Best Coffee Makers Ever Reviewed.

"This is more personal preference from our coffee testers, because they tend to prefer pour-over to even very good drip coffee machines. The Ratio Six does a good job mimicking the pour-over technique. As a company, Ratio has only been around since 2012, but in that short amount of time it has created a line of machines that leapfrogged right to the top of the drip coffee world—and they’ve done it in style. The Ratio Six (don’t be fooled, this is actually an 8-cup coffee maker) won the same Golden Cup certification that the Café and Technivorm have from the SCA—and it is a looker of a machine. But it’s also technically proficient. It fully saturates the grounds with water at the right temperature and allows them to bloom at the beginning of the brewing process. Choosing the ratio also means there's no need for an insulated travel mug. It comes with a thermal carafe that we found kept coffee warm for hours and didn’t spill a drop during a car ride to the park."