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Paula Rallis is a very productive person. Social media influencer, house flipper, commercial real estate developer, retail shop owner, private pilot, graduate student, and writer – all added to her resume within the past three years. On an average day, Paula is visiting house renovations to make and carry out design decisions, spending a few hours at her home decor storefront – Paula Rallis Home, writing a blog post or adding to her novel, working towards her commercial license as a pilot, and taking night classes at Harvard for her masters degree in journalism. However her most coveted time is spent with a group of sixteen-year-olds – a high school bible study she leads. We asked Paula for some thoughts on how to stay sane with a crazy schedule and how to jump into real estate.

What is one tool you cannot live without? 

I need a journal.  Inspiration, to-do list sanity, or just a scrap piece of paper.  I still love to write things down. 

You are traveling all over, remodeling houses, running a retail store, studying journalism, flying planes, and showcasing all of this to a wide group of fans. What is your approach to staying organized and on-task?

I really wish I had a better answer for this!  I feel like I’ve lived the majority of my life within the past three years and because of that, I'm all over the place.  I have four calendars - one for my husband and I, one with my employees at the store, one with our partners in the event space and one for school.  If it’s not on the calendar I’m not showing up and even sometimes when it is, I miss a meeting.  I have slight freak out moments every night around 11pm wondering if I’ve finished all of my homework.  I’ve learned that I cannot open anything unless I am ready to respond then and there.  I’ve gone weeks without replying to friends and I’m not okay with being that person. I’m hoping that one day this will slow down, but until then I’m really glad I have Ratio coffee at my house, my store, and my mother’s. 

What would you advise someone looking to get into real estate or interior design?
Jump in. Ron and I despise ‘pick your brain’ meetings and educational seminars.  What worked for one person is not going to work for another.  Just start and you are going to learn the most from your own mistakes.  If you have a passion for it, you’ll make it work.  We’re 500 houses in because Ron found a creative way to purchase his first home and twenty years later he’s still rolling.  The houses just look cuter now because I’m here!

On your travels, how much do you leave to serendipity?

Too much!  Ron and I are notorious for deciding to take a trip at morning coffee and leave by noon.  We book hotels when we land, don’t have return flights and we’re not sure we’ve ever made a dinner reservation.

What is something the world should know about Greenville, SC?
We will surprise you.  Mountains, lakes and waterfalls, James Beard nominated chefs, the BMW test track, a downtown modeled after an Italian city, and a place that cycling superstars want to call home.  We have the feels of Austin with the remnants of Mayberry - you’re going to want to stay a while. And we’re happy to have you stay as long as you would like. 

Tell us about your coffee routine.
So oddly enough, I didn’t drink coffee until Ron and I started dating.  He couldn’t live without it so it became our morning routine.  He drank it black, so I did too.  We start our day with a pot filled to the rim in our Ratio carafe and keep refilling until its empty.  If there’s a little left before we head out, we throw it over ice and walk out the door. 



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