Free Kone February

Our favorite filter is back in stock! The Able Kone is specifically designed to brew rich coffee without too much sediment that muddy up the flavors. Able Brewing produces a special Kone for the Ratio Eight that can handle larger 40 ounce batches.

Use coupon code KoneFebruary to get a free Kone with every Ratio Eight purchase in February.



Introducing: The Catcher

There are two types of people in the world:

• Those that meticulously clean up everything after making coffee before they sit down to enjoy the coffee.
• Those that want to drink their coffee ASAP. A lot of us here at Ratio fit into this category, so we designed the Catcher to cradle the Dripper after making coffee.
During February, any Thermal Carafe purchase will ship with a free Catcher. Already own a Thermal Carafe? Grab a Catcher here.