How to find personalized coffees for the Ratio Eight


At Ratio HQ here in Portland, we all have our favorite coffees. With coffees constantly rotating by season, and with the huge number of great roasters locally and online, choosing a coffee to brew through the Ratio Eight can get a bit overwhelming.



Thing is, you know what you like. Sweet or bright? Chocolate or citrus? Just keeping track of the coffees can be challenging, much less discovering new ones. Our friends at take the labor out of the process: take a simple quiz and try one of the recommended coffees, then give it a thumbs up or down. After three likes/dislikes, you’ll start getting personalized recommendations and see your own personal flavor map (or Brew Log). They even have a Slack integration



We got a sampling of coffees that were new to us to brew through the Ratio Eight, and we were really pleased with the wide spectrum of flavors. Here was our brew list:

Tinker Coffee (Indianapolis, light roasted) - Guatemala Santa Isabel
Old Soul (Sacramento, medium) - Costa Rica White Honey Process Carlos Montero
PT’s Coffee (Kansas, darker) -Colombia Villa Loyala Dark

Each of these coffees has a story that ended with the cup in our hands on a cool Portland morning. Just in time for the holidays, we’ve teamed up with to offer you a coffee subscription with access to 70+ coffees from roasters all over the U.S. We're also throwing in a $20 coupon towards coffee from with every Ratio Eight purchased before the end of the year. 



To receive the $20 coupon, simply purchase a Ratio Eight before 12/31/17, and shortly after you will receive an email directly from with instructions on how to redeem the $20 coupon towards amazing coffee.

Or, click through here to get started with your personalized coffee subscription.