Introducing the Ratio Six, Series 2

Since the initial release of the Ratio Six brewer in 2020, our R&D team has been hard at work fine-tuning elements of the machine to maximize its performance. That release is here, with a new stock of inventory sitting neatly in our warehouse. 

The Ratio Six Series 2 Features Two Key Changes

Redesigned Thermal Carafe
Our new thermal carafe holds high temperatures for hours and has no moving parts. We made the spout more pronounced, leading to a better pour of your favorite coffee. This new carafe mates perfectly with the Series 1 filter basket.

Updated Fill Lines
The Six Series 2 water tank features updated fill lines that correlate with water in the tank rather than expected coffee output. We are excited to implement this change based on crucial user feedback.

Available Now

The Ratio Six Series 2 has just landed in matte black and white, with matte stainless arriving this summer. Already own the Six? You can grab an updated carafe as well.

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