It’s worth the wait.

We get this question a lot: “when will the Eight be in stock??”

It’s a great question!

Over the past several months we have been working with our manufacturing partners to increase production of the Ratio Eight to try to catch up with the demand for our flagship brewer. We’ve effectively doubled our production of the precision cast and machined metal parts in recent weeks. Our metal coating process, however, is still catching up with production demands and we’re working to increase our capacity there.

As we anticipate the Eight parts landing at our shop in Portland, we have already shifted our small team into overdrive, making additional hires, adding planned overtime, and flexing new team members into assembly in order to expedite production once all the necessary pieces are in our Portland production facility.

The Ratio Eight is an ambitious project, and has been since day one. From design to assembly, it’s a machine made out of love for great coffee, iconic design, and quality craftsmanship. We’ve written in the past about why it’s such an expensive machine to build, and why it’s so labor intensive.

Right now our ship dates are further out than we’d like–and we’ll be working overtime throughout the summer to get our production schedule on a faster pace. That said, we’re still convinced that it’s worth the wait.

We’re so grateful to our customers for being patient with us while we scale up production of our flagship machine.

Mark Hellweg
Founder and CEO

Photo by our friend Nathan Michael