New options and lower prices

At Ratio, it’s always been our goal to offer the best in-home coffee experience to our users, which starts with design and construction. As such, we’ve chosen the best quality materials (precision die cast metal, handblown borosilicate glass, solid wood trim, onboard sensors that optimize coffee and water contact time, to name a few).

 Ratio Eight Options


We assemble each unit one at a time by hand here in Portland, Oregon. It takes at least an hour to build, test, and package each machine. Every part is designed to be serviceable or replaceable. Because this is an investment in great coffee for years to come—we stand behind every Ratio with an industry-leading 5 year warranty.



Today, we are announcing new customization options so that you can build a Ratio that is perfect for you and your space. We’re excited to announce that pricing now starts at $565 for the gloss powder coated models and goes up to $795 for models with satin metallic finish, glass tank, and walnut wood trim. You can now customize your Ratio Eight with the following options:

Metal Finish (choose your color)

  1. White (gloss)
  2. Black (matte)
  3. Oyster (gloss)
  4. Bright Silver (satin metallic) (+$20)
  5. Dark Cobalt (satin metallic) (+$20)
Water Tank (choose your material)
  1. BPA Free Copolymer
  2. Handblown Borosilicate Glass (+$80)
Wood (choose your trim)
  1. Parawood (this blond wood looks like maple and is available on all machines except Dark Cobalt or Black)
  2. Walnut (available on all machines) (+$20)
  3. Ebonized (on Black only)

We’ll always judge our products against against the same three things: 1) the quality of components and materials, 2) beauty and design, and 3) brewing great tasting coffee. No matter your configuration, every Ratio machine upholds our commitment to all three. 

- Mark Hellweg, Founder