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We are thrilled to partner with Goop for their 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

"Sure, this white-and-walnut coffee maker and carafe doesn’t look like a robot, but the Ratio Eight is a tech-packed countertop barista with a control board laser-focused on delivering the perfect brew. Designed to mimic a perfect pour-over, it maintains the optimum temperature to create a bitterness-free bloom, without the barista."


3 reasons why they love the Ratio Eight:

1. Stop Thinking:
While comparable coffee and espresso machines feature a dashboard of knobs, buttons, and multicolored lights, the Ratio Eight has only one button. (For those interested, subtle white lights signal what’s happening in the brew cycle). But when it really shines is on lazy mornings with guests; whether making a 40-ounce carafe or a 16-ounce to-go cup, the machine automatically fine-tunes the entire brewing process.

2. Bloom Cycle:
The bloom cycle is what sets your typical diner coffee apart from a $4 cup at your local coffee aficionados’ spot. The Ratio Eight automatically soaks the grounds and allows time for the bloom cycle time to occur, which releases CO2 trapped in the beans, before continuing to brew. Welcome to more nuanced, less acidic coffee.

3. Built to Last:
The Ratio Eight juxtaposes state of the art technology with natural finishes; die-cut aluminum and borosilicate glass contrast with premium hardwood. The machines are assembled by hand and are designed to outlive your current coffee maker, complete with a five-year warranty. As a bonus, they’re easy to take apart and clean, so maintenance is a breeze.



Forbes on why the Ratio Eight might be the most attractive contraption on your countertop:

"The Ratio Eight is an automated pour over machine, not a coffee machine. It mimics the steps of a barista yet operates with one button. Press it, and launch the pre-infusion cycle, otherwise known as the bloom. This is the critical first stage when water saturates fresh grounds to degass them and promote even water flow through grinds during brewing. The carafe is handblown glass, and the water temperature is consistently maintained, unlike a traditional coffee maker. The most arresting feature, however, is the series of wood panels which flank the carafe. Available in walnut, mahogany, or ebony, they offset the device’s five color choices, rendering the Ratio Eight the most attractive contraption on your counter."


Sixtysix Magazine on why the Eight makes a great gift for your Party Monster friend:

"Mark Hellweg asked, “why do only premium espresso machines get the high design treatment?” He answered back with Ratio, a simple yet beautiful way to brew coffee at home. The Ratio Eight is finished in stunning matte black powder coat with dark walnut trim, sure to elevate the beginning of your gathering."

Garden&Gun Magazine's Good Hunting 2019 Holiday Gift Guide:

"Java devotees with an eye for aesthetics will appreciate this high-performing metal, wood, and glass pour-over coffee maker by Ratio."