Ratio Six Now Shipping

The Ratio Six coffee maker is now in stock!

After 3 years of development, we are thrilled to begin shipping the Ratio Six.

Delicious Coffee. Simplified.

At Ratio, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy world-class coffee without the fuss. Which is why we build coffee machines for flavor, precision, simplicity, and beauty—no more and no less. We call it “convenience without compromise.” Our customers call it “I’m never buying another coffee maker again.”

Thanks to Ratio Six, the world’s best coffee is more accessible than ever.

The Heat Shield on the Ratio Six will deliver coffee nearly 200 degrees F at the end of the brew cycle.

Modern Coffee

Featuring unique materials and an innovative build process, the Ratio Six delivers an experience comparative to its sibling the Ratio Eight at a leaner cost, slimmer profile, and lighter weight. All despite having the same brewing capacity (1.25 liters / 40 ounces) and powerful 1400 W heating element.

The Six features a unique heat shield that completely surrounds the shower head during brewing, increasing the extraction of your coffee and giving you a hot mug of coffee. The coffee is typically just shy of 200 degrees F at the end of the brew cycle. For those that prefer their coffee really hot, or add lots of milk or cream, this is the brewer to put at the top of your list.




High Quality Construction

One of the biggest drawbacks to many current home coffee makers is the abundance of low-grade materials. We chose heavy duty precision stamped stainless steel for the body of the Six, and a beautiful cast stainless lid for the water tank. Every time you put the lid in place, you'll hear that comforting sound that means good coffee is on the way. 

Under the Hood

Utilizing the same die-cast aluminum heating element as the Ratio Eight, water flows evenly through the stainless steel shower head and over the grounds at the ideal extraction temperature. Each hole in the shower head is precisely placed to maximize saturation of the ground coffee, leading to the best possible flavor.  



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