Setting the Scene with Christiann Koepke

Christiann Koepke’s photos have the power to make you want to dive into them. The creative director, photographer, and recipe developer is inspired by her family and friends, and it shows. Her recipes, like her photos, are welcoming and nourishing, and we can’t wait to dig into the Chocolate Espresso Meringue Cookie recipe this self-proclaimed “coffee enthusiast” was so kind to share with us. Pre-heat your oven, and read on to learn more about Koepke’s work, recipes, and holiday plans.


Before you became an Agency owner, you were a Creative Director, Photographer, and Recipe Curator.  That sounds like an interesting job. Tell us about it?

It is an interesting job…and quite the divine mix of my passions.  To explain it requires a bit of history. It started with photography. My father was a Professional Portrait Photographer. He loved shooting with film and had his own darkroom lab in the basement of our house growing up. He gets the credit for my natural talent and the fact that a camera feels like an extension of my hand. The love of food also comes naturally. I have enjoyed cooking for my family and friends for as long as I can remember. Food can be so darn beautiful in all of its forms. A red tomato, carefully selected at a farmer’s market is perfection. But when it is sliced and cooked on an outdoor grill it is an entirely different visual experience. Now, being a Creative Director is a result of a sharp eye for beautiful decor. I guess it started with presenting the food I cooked. A table setting matters when entertaining. Over time it expanded from table decor to Home decor. More people started to follow my Blog, Instagram, and Pinterest feeds Brands took notice.



You recently launched your own agency.  What inspired the name “NORR”?

NORR is a social and digital creative agency.  The name means “North” in Swedish. It represents our core value of being fearless. The last 3 years my client projects have gotten bigger and bigger. I have a very strategic and creative business partner.  We both believe in going further, higher, to the next level for our clients. We are not “status quo” women. So, the name NORR was something that clearly resonated.



Do you have a dream client, that you would like to work with?

That is a great question.  Actually we do. I must say that we love all of our clients and agree not to work with brands that we can’t stand behind. I have been driving an old school 2008 Toyota Camry for a long time. My business partner’s first car was a Toyota Corolla.  We are BIG Toyota fans. When starting your career, many people need a car they can depend on and that will last for 200,000 plus miles.  We get it and would love to tell that story, which is why Toyota is a dream client. It’s an accessible and aspirational brand. You can grow with it by starting with Toyota and transitioning to Lexus as you grow in your career.  Can you tell I’m obsessed?

How did you discover Ratio?

I stay in the know on all things coffee. What struck me first about Ratio was the design. It is a gorgeous product. I had never seen anything like it and was so curious about how the design would impact the flavor of the coffee. Turns out there was a difference in flavor. The layers and tones are much more pronounced. Everyone I’ve brewed a cup of coffee for has loved it. What was most unexpected was how much I have enjoyed watching coffee brew every morning.  Seeing the water bubble up to the top and pour over the grounds ever so delicately never gets old. It’s a calming and beautiful way to start my day.



What does it mean to be a coffee enthusiast? 

Coffee enthusiasts don’t miss a day without coffee. It goes beyond caffeine. It’s all about the roast and the flavor. An enthusiast enjoys the process of grinding the beans, watching the coffee brew, savoring the smell and enjoying every sip. Coffee is an experience. Even if someone else is making it.



What is your favorite recipe that includes coffee as an ingredient?

That’s easy. Chocolate Espresso Meringue Cookies. If you have never had it you are missing out on life.  It is that good! This treat is dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free, so it works for everyone’s eating habits.  I am happy to share the recipe. Here you go.



What are you most excited about this holiday season?

I am most excited about my Holiday Giveaway. It’s an opportunity to share Ratio with my followers. Giveaways are not only fun, but they also allow me to feel like Oprah for a brief moment.  A lot of my followers are coffee lovers too, so this is the ultimate end of year gift.  All the winner has to do is wrap it...or keep it for themselves. :)


Instagram: @ChristiannKoepke