Some new products in the works...

We are beyond thrilled not only that it’s 2021 and no longer 2020, but also that we’re launching a dynamic new collaboration with the deeply nerdy minds at Andrews-Cooper, an Oregon owned-and-operated, high-performance engineering firm, to develop a new suite of Ratio products. 

Wary of spies, we must be a little tight-lipped at this early stage of exactly what these products will be, which is devastating, we know. But here’s what we can say: By the year’s end, we’ll be announcing how our beloved customers will have even more ways to make incredible coffee. 

The technology we will deploy with our partners at AC is the latest precision heating gadgetry straight from Europe, which includes a level of advanced digital control of flow and temperature rarely seen in the filter coffee world.

Quick comment from AC CEO Christoph Mack: “We’ve learned a lot over 21 years of serving the biggest companies in the world. Partnership with smaller companies like Ratio injects an energy and creative aspiration that we just love, and the chance to help grow Ratio’s dreams makes our hearts smile. And the coffee’s great, too.”

The collaboration with a partner whose usual clients are Fortune 100, household name, industry-dominant globals means we can leverage Andrews-Cooper’s full range of capabilities, so that these exhilarating new products will come to market faster at even higher levels of sophistication, while preserving the magic that makes Ratio so great in the first place. We can’t wait to tell you more. And as soon as we can, we will.

- Mark Hellweg
Ratio Founder + CEO