Sprudge: Get Ratioed With The Compact New Ratio Four Brewer

We are always glad to hear when coffee industry people love our coffee maker. We know we love it, but it's nice to know that the pour-over nerds are fans.

Read today's article in full for the Sprudge feature of the Ratio Four below!

In modern parlance, getting ratioed is generally considered to be a bad thing. It means you decided to take to the internet to publicly and loudly put your whole foot inside your mouth and were promptly made aware of that fact, by a whole ton of people. But in caffeinated terms, it takes on a whole new meaning, normally involving getting automatically brewed coffee all up inside that maw of yours.

The Ratio line of coffee brewers has been part of the specialty coffee consciousness since 2013, with the Ratio Eight seeing a widespread release some two years later. And now there’s a newer, more compact version of the award-winning brewer. Introducing the Ratio Four, a single-cup automatic coffee brewer, and it’s live on Kickstarter now.

Continuing in the tradition of the Eight and Six before it, the Ratio Four has many of the same appointments as it predecessors, including brewing with the SCA-approved temperature range of 195-203° Fahrenheit, an automatic pre-infusion/blooming cycle, and the capability to work with multiple brewing methods. But where the Four differs, as the name suggests, is in its size. In a word, the Four is compact.

 Standing just 11.5″ tall and 7.5″ wide, the Ratio Four offers a small counter footprint. And that footprint is made all the more malleable by the moveable and detachable water tank. The base for the tank is connected via hose and can be moved to the left, right, or behind the brewer, and the water cannister comes off for easy filling.

With over six weeks left in the campaign, the Ratio Four has already raised over $24,000 of its $30,000 goal. But there are still deals to be had. Would be backers can get their hands on a Ratio Four of their own for just $125, 52% off the $259 MSRP. Should the Kickstarter acquire the last $6,000 of its goal—which let’s be honest, it will—rewards are expected to begin shipping out in July of next year.

So go ahead, get Ratioed. For once it means getting some good coffee, and NOT being the main character on Twitter. For more information, visit the Ratio Four Kickstarter page.