The Ratio Six White Paper

When I first joined Ratio a few months ago, I was instantly impressed by the brew quality and cup consistency of the Ratio Six. Having worked in several different aspects of the coffee industry over the last 13 years - from roasting to competition judging to espresso machine development - my impression of home coffee brewers was that they could present a vague image of what coffee could taste like. I would always elect to make a pour over, or if I was lucky, partake of a fresh cup from a dialed-in commercial batch brewer. Good commercial brewers provide an excellent environment for even extraction: consistent water temperature, pulse brewing, and even water dispersion.

Fast forward to just over a month ago: I wanted to explore why the Six produced such a good extraction that's on par with a dialed-in commercial brewer. So I broke out some thermocouples, designed a study, and put the Six through the paces next to other home coffee brewers in the same class. The result of 40+ hours of testing is a hefty 14-page white paper that explores the reasons behind the need for extraction evenness and presents the data of my findings with as much transparency as possible.

Amidst the testing is a question posed about our understanding of automatic coffee brewing standards: is temperature delivery within the specialty coffee range enough? Will that metric alone dictate if an automatic brewer can deliver a brewed cup that reflects the painstaking efforts that went into producing the coffee?

I hope to start a discussion in the industry that can lead to a more complete supply chain where consumers can experience coffee the way roasters, green buyers, importers, and producers intended. Our focus at Ratio is to step up to the plate and provide a solution that can do just that.

Thanks for reading, and check out the white paper for all the nerdy details!


Andrew Bettis

Director of Sales and Marketing