The best part of your day just got better.

Simplify your routine.

The Ratio removes variables like water temperature, extraction time, and pour over pattern so you can worry less about making your coffee, and more about drinking it.

Elevate your taste.

Making coffee at home or office shouldn’t feel like a compromise. We’ve engineered a pour over style system with the precision of high-end espresso machines. You’ll taste the difference.

Enjoy it for life.

No plastic screws, tubes, or environmentally harmful pods. Ratio is hand assembled in the USA from cast metal, borosilicate glass, and real hardwoods, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

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  • "The Ratio Six perfects pour-over coffee at the press of a deliver the taste of manual coffee á la machine. "

  • "Make mornings glamorous with this minimalist coffee maker that blends perfectly with any kitchen decor."

  • "Ratio’s Eight... is to coffee what vintage Marantz was to stereos." - Oliver Strand, The New York Times

  • "...the Ratio Eight is a tech-packed countertop barista with a control board laser-focused on delivering the perfect brew."

  • "The Ratio Eight doesn’t brew a fantastic cup of drip coffee. It brews a fantastic cup of pour-over coffee."

  • "The coffee machine that nerds out (so you don’t have to)"