Cleaning Your Ratio – Water Tank

We get it: Running cleaning solution through your machine is not at the top of every Ratio user’s to-do list. If a few months have gone by, you may notice some build-up occurring in your glass or poly tank. If you do, the time has come to treat your machine with a descaling solution such as Halefresh to cleanse the components inside. This can be conducted simply & affordably, requiring only your determination and a flexible, hard-bristle brush.

Materials Needed

  • Hard bristle flex-brush (general supply store or online have many affordable options)
  • Patience & Determination (recommended)



  • First, pour water to the full line (40 oz. marker)
  • Simply flex the brush into shape to fit the tank around the left and right side tank tubes. Re-configuring the flex shape of the brush will keep any pressure from being applied inappropriately to the left and right side tank tubes.
  • Be very gentle while placing into shape within the tank from the fill area of the Ratio Top so as to ensure no glass part of the tank is broken. If you feel it is hard to move the brush into a certain area and you are feeling a fair amount of resistance, try another angle OR alter your brush bend.
  • When finished brushing the tank simply run a couple of full brews of water through the machine to remove all residue as you would during a cleaning treatment.


If you are still having trouble getting that last bit of schmutz, we are always an email away at [email protected].