Deep Cleaning Service for Your Ratio


Over the years, we’ve worked with a few customers who want a deep clean service on their Ratio machine. This is usually because they are using the Ratio at home and like their equipment to be very clean but are short on time, or they are using the Ratio in a commercial environment and brewing a lot of coffee (i.e. large office, retail store, or boutique hotel).

We are now offering a deep clean service that will rejuvenate your machine back to gleaming metal, glass, and wood.

We will completely disassemble your machine and thoroughly clean and inspect every part. Any hard water mineral deposits on the internal supply lines and heating element will be removed, and any parts we discover that have a warranty issue (or potential issue) will be replaced at no charge.

The Ratio Eight and Six warranty was designed for a typical residential use, and thus has a 5 year warranty period. For those that want to use the Ratio in a commercial environment, this warranty will no longer be in effect, but we can help service and support your machine for long-term use, and keeping the parts clean and descaled is a vital part of this.

You can use this service as often as you like. For heavy brewing, such as 5+ brew cycles per day, or for fans of particularly oily French roast coffee, you may want to do this service every 6 months or so. If you are unsure what will be suitable for your environment, we can help you establish a schedule and send reminders when the time comes for your unit to return for a check-up.

Here are the signs that your machine could use a deep cleaning:

Mineral deposits – This looks like a white particulate build up inside the water tank or supply line, which is located inside the left hand tube of the water tank. If you see a white buildup when you look into your water tank, you are probably seeing mineral deposits.
Coffee oils – You might notice a brown hue which has accumulated and transferred from the coffee itself to the surface of the machine or the inside of your carafe.This can be avoided by using a descaling solution such as Halefresh on a regular basis.
Staining – Any surface of the Ratio machine showing staining or spotting.


If you see these issues on your machine and want to get it back to its original sparkling state, let’s get started!



Cost: The cost is a sliding scale that begins at $50 for those that can arrange drop off and pickup in Portland, Oregon. For those outside of the Portland area, we will charge our actual shipping costs. We will work with you to determine what needs to be done, and determine a fair price accordingly. You will have the right to approve the fee before we get to work, and if you decide you don’t want to proceed then we will arrange to have it returned to you.

Shipping: We will arrange a prepaid return label for you, and can also include in the fee a replacement set of original Ratio packaging to ensure safe transit.

To get started, please send our team a note to [email protected], with these important details:

  • Name
  • Email address (if different from the one you’re sending from)
  • Telephone number
  • Any helpful details, such as whether you have regularly used Ratio Wash or other cleaning/descaling products
  • You can also include a few pictures from a cellphone if you prefer

We look forward to getting your machine back to its original condition!