Thermal Carafe Cleaning, Disassembly & Reassembly

1. To begin a quick cleaning service for your thermal carafe, firmly grasp the handle with one hand and the dewar body with the other. The handle is seated to the dewar body with threading torqued down to approximately 35 ft. lbs.

2. Simply twist the handle away from the dewar body to release the two core parts. Once “cracked,” go ahead and set the thermal carafe on the counter to avoid dropping and damaging your thermal carafe.

3. Continue to twist the handle off of the dewar body until they disconnect. Be careful to set the handle down on a clean, soft surface to avoid any scratching.


4. Rinse & wipe clean all parts and allow for adequate drying.

5. Re-install the dewar gasket. Make sure the gasket is placed on the first row of threading in the proper orientation: the thicker side faces downward.

6. You are now all set to re-install the top handle by carefully twisting the threading on to the dewar body. Slowly seat the top handle until it is hand tight, then give it a good amount of pressure to seal the deal. Our specification is 35 ft. lbs. To test, simply try pouring a little water after re-assembly & ensure no water is leaking from the slight gap between dewar body and top handle.

You’re now all set to brew some more coffee with your Ratio and keep the brew hot for hours. Enjoy!