Deep cleaning the Ratio

Brewing coffee involves extracting lots of lovely flavors out of roasted coffee, but it also creates a fair amount of oily residue that can build up over time. On top of that, minerals in your water supply can leave behind an unsightly coating of calcium and magnesium.

Follow these easy steps to keep your Ratio Eight as pristine as the day you brought it home!  

1. Run 2 teaspoons of Ratio Wash through the machine once a month to keep the glass reservoir and supply lines clear of any mineral or scale build-up. The frequency that you should do this will vary depending on water quality and filtration. Read our article on water quality to learn more.



2. Let the Wash soak in the carafe for 20-30 minutes after running a bottle of it through the machine. When the cleaner has had time to work, you can give it a light scrub with a bottle brush before rinsing.



3. To prevent coffee oils transfering into your machine water tank, either:

Avoid using your Ratio carafe to fill the water tank with water


Rinse and wash the carafe regularly after use with a drop of dish soap and hot water.  



4. Retaining the crisp aesthetic  of the Ratio Eight’s surface can be done by using the microfiber towel that came with your machine to wipe residual moisture from the top surface, around the shower head, and base of the machine.



You can also use a "Magic Eraser" or similar to remove stubborn coffee stains.



5. The condensation around the shower head will contain a lot of coffee oils, and over time can build up coffee oils that can damage the surface of the machine.

Wipe the bottom of the carafe after pouring your coffee to be sure that leftover coffee won’t be sitting on the machine surface. Sitting water can damage the surface over time.



6. You can set the fill lid that seals off the water tank to the side after brewing to allow the reservoir to dry out. We often place the lid in sideways for an hour or two to allow airflow.

Don’t want to do this yourself? No problem; we can do it for you.