Introducing the Fellow Ode Grinder, Shipping Now

We're pleased to announce a new grinder option, the Fellow Ode! The Ode coffee grinder is now in stock and shipping immediately.

Fellow has packed in a few nice features:

Compact design. The Ode is only 9.5" tall so it avoids any cabinet clearance issues.

Small hopper for fresh coffee. The hopper holds up to 80 grams of coffee at at time (which helps with the low profile design). Since we recommend right around 70 grams of coffee for the Ratio Eight and Six coffee makers, this hopper is ideally sized for a daily batch.

Minimal static. The grinds hopper and the "grinds knocker" will help reduce any countertop mess to a minimum. 

Easy to adjust. The oversized adjustment knob makes it easy to switch your grind setting, from french press all the way up to Aeropress.