The Ratio Eight’s Best Friend

We've found that coffee drinkers tend to fall into two camps when it comes to how they like to drink their coffee (and this is a different way of sorting coffee lovers than by coffee roast preferences, or the types of equipment they like to use). 

Are you in the Drink it Now group

or the

Extend the Moment crew?

The Drink it Now group pours their coffee as soon as it's done brewing, savoring all those aromatics that dissipate ever so quickly. They enjoy the ephemerality of those lovely fragrances and tastes of freshly brewed coffee.

For the latter group, they prefer to linger over an hour or two, perhaps with the paper or a great book. For this type, we designed the The Eight Thermal Carafe, which extends the best ritual of the morning!

Here is an overview of the Thermal Carafe: how it works, what it's made of, and what it might be like to start your coffee routine with an iconic thermal carafe.

Stay Hot

The Eight Thermal Carafe is built of double-wall stainless steel to keep your coffee hot for at least 90 minutes. The silicone polymer lid helps retain heat and is easy to put in place or remove. 

Thermal Pour Over

The Eight Thermal Carafe works all by itself, too, as a thermal vessel for pour over coffee, sized to fit the Ratio Dripper, Hario V60, and Kalita Wave.

Comfort Handle

The cast stainless handle is surfaced for a comfortable grip as you pour your coffee.

Precision Pour Spout

A formed spout will direct the hot coffee directly into your coffee mug, without dripping down the side.

Rugged and Outdoorsy

The cast stainless top and metal walls withstand all sorts of bumps, so you can bring your coffee wherever you are. The polymer base protects all surfaces from scratches.

An Iconic Serving Carafe

The cast Ratio logo on the handle will signify to all who touch it that their coffee was brewed with great care.

Carafe is the New Black

Be it in a 100-year-old barn or a postmodern condo, the Eight Thermal Carafe blends in seamlessly.