Mother Tongue Coffee - Bunum Wo Estate Peaberry

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Tastes like chocolate brownies & tamarindo!

Papua New Guinea is a gorgeous island in Southeast Asia and it is one of the most ecologically biodiverse places in the world. We are so excited to present a delicious, chocolatey peaberry from the Bunum Wo estate from Benchmark Coffee Traders. BCT has a strong commitment to social responsibility which includes providing free housing, free healthcare, and free schooling to the coffee pickers and farmers. It was specifically BCT’s commitment to improving gender equity by providing security for women to work on the estate and the gender education they provide to school children that really impressed us. Papa New Guinea has a long history of gender based violence with a dismally low to nonexistent rate of convictions for perpetrators.

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Mother Tongue Coffee - Bunum Wo Estate Peaberry
Mother Tongue Coffee - Bunum Wo Estate Peaberry