Ratio Glass Carafe & Kone Filter

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Our glass carafe and Kone filter are the perfect combination to enhance your Ratio Eight routine. The Kone's precision-etched holes are the ideal match for the larger batches that are possible on the Ratio Eight, and the glass carafe is both functional and beautiful. The high quality stainless filter of the Kone lets a bit more of the coffee oils through than a paper filter, producing a rich cup of coffee that is more like a french press but without any sediment on the bottom.
Ratio Glass Carafe & Kone Filter
Ratio Glass Carafe & Kone Filter
Ratio Glass Carafe & Kone Filter
Ratio Glass Carafe & Kone Filter

Precision pour spout.

The glass carafe's pour channel will direct your coffee directly into your mug, without drips or dribbles. The carafe is handblown by skilled glass artisans. Each carafe is made one at a time.

Improved extraction.

The Kone's design features square-to-round holes, graduated-density hole pattern, and a polished mirror finish. This combination improves water flow and keeps sediment from passing through the filter for better extraction and more consistent flavor.

A soft landing.

The carafe features a silicone base with a magnetic activator to engage Ratio Eight, giving a gentle pad to protect your tabletop.

Features & Specs


Carafe body: Hand blown boroscilicate glass

Lid: FDA-approved food-grade silicone


Height: 9.5" / 241.3mm

Width: 6" / 152.4mm

Width including handle: 7” / 177.8mm

Kone diameter: 5 1/8" / 130.175mm

Kone height: 4" / 101.6mm


Designed to work with the Ratio Eight.