Ratio Journal

We don’t just make incredible coffee machines. We engage with the world, with collaborators in design, food and travel. Then we write about it. Here’s some stuff to read while you’re getting to know your new Ratio.

At home with the Cabalka Family
  Our friends Colin and Sarah Cabalka have been quite busy the past several years: launching a full service creative agency, a photography business, and, just last year, their most ambitious...
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Making coffee with Marty Lopes
We met Marty back in 2007 at Extracto Coffee House here in Portland. His passion for good coffee and good relationships was immediately apparent. Naturally, we bonded over both. Over...
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New options and lower prices
At Ratio, it’s always been our goal to offer the best in-home coffee experience to our users, which starts with design and construction. As such, we’ve chosen the best quality...
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At the Office with Flint
  As design enthusiasts, we love to connect with people who are creating memorable and meaningful things. Our friends from Flint envision beautiful brands (including the fresh update of The...
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At Home with Devin Chapman
  It’s hard to know whether Devin Chapman chose coffee, or if coffee chose him. There’s no denying he’s dedicated to his craft. But there’s a thread of right-place-right-time throughout...
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Designing the Ratio Eight
  Since the Ratio Eight started shipping in January 2015, I’ve received quite a few questions about the design process that went into developing this machine. We set out to...
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